When I made the choice to eat simply, locally, organically I had to begin to look at my buying habits as well as my eating habits. Happily for me it was a fairly easy job because I had just moved into a house with roommates who already kept a macrobiotic kitchen.  The pantry was stocked with large glass jars (old mayo jars from the deli) filled with grains, beans, seeds, nuts and seaweeds. In the ’70’s, natural food stores did not have frozen meals, rice dream, soups in a box or good quality cookies. Pretty basic, simple and clean. 


In my cooking classes the first thing I ask my students to think about is what is in their pantry and refrigerator? My rule of thumb is to read the label and if there are more than 8 ingredients and if there are words you can’t pronounce, then give or throw the package away. If the ingredients include sugar, chemicals, food coloring, additives, MSG, over 180 mgs of salt per serving or any cholesterol- pitch it. If anything is past its “sell by” date- throw it out. Making choices about what we eat is a daily practice. This is the first step to creating a healthy and natural kitchen.