Preparing for a Trip

September 22, 2008


I’m leaving for London in the morning. Last minute packing- thoughts about the weather, so I check it out. Here is a cool site listing multiple weather sources. Throwing in a raincoat, you never know in London. Here are the things I bring specifically for the flight: handwipes- natural, nothing with dangerous triclosan. In my purse I have perx organix individual towelettes infused with herbs known to have anti-bacterial properties. I’ll wipe down my seat belt fastener, seat rests, tray table. I’ll also use when I return from the toilets and before eating. I bring a simple nose spray to hydrate my sinuses. Emergen-C packets are easy to pack and to add to water to keep my immune system alert and ready to deal with anything in the air. And I’ve got to go look for my little personal air filter – because that air on a plane is just recycled- if someone sneezes in row P, you know everyone is going to breathe that sneeze, don’t you. Check out 21 tips for packing for a trip. Noise-canceling headphones are wonderful, or I just use earplugs because I find that some of my exhaustion from flying is from the engine noise. Dont forget to pack good snacks.