I am not the neatest person I know. I like to spread out when I work and I particularly love working on the dining room table and leaving it all out there – but that means we eat somewhere else or I have to clear it off- I’ve improved over the years by following the advice of many neat friends on how to organize. Here is a simple Messy Person’s Guide from The Daily Muse.


Forgetting to Remember

February 11, 2009


I have never been good at the master list. In the past when I went food shopping I’d see what we needed and I’d buy it. I’d remember that we were out of something by seeing it, or would take a list of the important things. Once, way back, we had a typed list of the basic supplies, if I ever remembered to bring it along….Lately, I go to the store for something and come home with something else we needed but not necessarily what I went for. Does that happen to you? 

Well thank goodness for the ALL OUT OF Pad. I think every household like mine needs one.

And for all your other needs- has it on hand. Choose from a category of gifts for Annoying People or how about The Bitch Kit, which include stickers and post-its, Bitch list and pin? Maybe you need The Medical ORganizer and The Take-Out Menu Organizer? I mean, why look any further? 


Clutter Clearing Part Deux

December 28, 2008


This afternoon the family trooped down to the basement with garbage bags and boxes. It took a much shorter time than I had imagined. We sorted through all the miscellanea (is that a word?) and organized in four ways: toss, give away, use or repack/store. So happy that we gave away Micah’s skates, but we did not give away the mini bike, any of the dozen skateboards, skis or snowboards. But at least the sporty stuff is all in one place and we are all aware of what we have. My music books and lyrics somehow got wet- how did that happen in my waterproofed basement? So I will have to pitch them. Some of the music has notations from my childhood- when I was learning Gershwin and Chopin, etal and some of my earliest songs are in a damp folder. May have to take them to be photocopied, those are keepers. So it is a wonderful feeling to get lighter, send stuff off to the thrift shop for those who can benefit, send that box of glasses from Ikea home to Brooklyn with Jonah and for hopefully a long time not have to think, “oh, what a mess” when I go down to the basement.

Next stop, the attic.

Beautifying My Office

November 1, 2008

I have just transferred files from ugly boxes into some gorgeous accordian files. I love having these around my office now. This company’s products are pretty as well as useful. Check out Galison’s website.