New Labels

October 24, 2008


Watch for this seal on your personal care products! According to Nutrition Business Journal, the organic beauty and personal care industry has been at 15% for the past 15 years. At the end of 2007, US sales of organic personal care products approached $9 billion, 15% of the personal care market.

As more and more products claim to be ‘organic’, the potential for consumer confusion also rises. This is compounded by the existence of disparate regulatory seals in the marketplace.

OASIS is an industry consensus standard, the result of a deeply committed group of people – suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, etc. – working to set standards and clarity in the dynamic and fast-growing field of organic beauty and personal care products. Its members range from large, global brands and private label manufactures to smaller, specialty brands and raw ingredient suppliers.

The standards are high and will get higher over time! At present there are 2 standards; one is called organic and is anything with 85% until January 2010, when it moves to 90%, then 95% in 2012. The second standard is made with organic and will have to have at least 70% with special criteria for the other 30%.

OASIS is a nonprofit mutual benefit organization, aka, a Trade Association. The by-laws require that the members participate, vote and direct the goals of the group. This means that you can become a member, participate in the member forum,have your voice be heard and your vote counted! You can be a member from$100, there are also levels of membership for companies scaled to the size of the company. 

Via: Oasis