The Humble Push-Up

March 9, 2010

Joanne Ezinga specialized in fitness and triathlon training for women. She is a certified personal trainer, USA Triathlon Level 2 Coach, USA Cycling Level 2 Coach, and certified by the American Red Cross in CPR, First Aid, AED and is a lifeguard. Impressive, eh? In this month’s newsletter she highlights the humble push-up. Why is that interesting to me? Because right now I can’t do one- ever since I had a frozen shoulder I just haven’t built up the strength to do it. Just last week, my friend, T showed me on Skype her wall push-ups and I really felt empowered to be able to build strength again! Then here was Joanne, with the wall push up again! It must be worth trying.

There are many benefits to doing push ups- besides looking strong  a push up is something that anyone can do whether or not they have money to spend on fitness equipment.  results of consistent push ups are visible after a relatively short period of time- but more important is the weight-bearing effects on our bones.

Wall Push-ups – These are great for someone with wall push upslimited strength.  Stand facing a wall, arms level with shoulders and shoulder width apart.  Lean into wall and lower body in pushup fashion so nose almost touches the wall.  Push body weight through hands and return to start position.  Control the force of the movement in both directions. Increase the intensity by increasing the lean. Try a narrow and wide hand position -this will target different sections of the pectoral muscles.

Thanks, T and Joanna.