It doesn’t make sense that credit card companies would create an aspect of our cards that made our identity and information more vulnerable to theft. But here it is: I just read about a new wallet on where else? Joshspear.com.

It is the flipside wallet. Why do we need one? The case is this: our newer credit cards are embedded with a chip so that we can make instant purchases without swiping. Does your card do this? It is called RFID, Radio Frequency Identification. Apparently the microchip and antenna are in the card and the card’s info is detected via radio frequency- you wave your card at the sensor and voila, you’ve paid. Similar technology was used in the Exxon Speedpass.

The problem is that now thieves are using RFID technology to scan your credit card without your knowing it. Perhaps in a crowded place, or even in the coffee shop- with a device that is similar to one at a checkout counter. Your card could be scanned from up to 15 feet away, through you wallet.

Flipside wallet is a radio wave proof wallet. That’s nice, but I’d rather have a theft-proof card, wouldn’t you? I am going to speak with my credit card companies to make sure I don’t have a microchip in my card.

Some reading. Offers a solution by placing foil between your wallet and your cards. That’s an easy and cheap option.

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Via: Joshspear.com