How sweet that Michelle Obama sends her first tweet- ‘here at dinner this is officially my first Tweet. I am looking forward to some good laughs from the potus and jay’. Well, they may laugh, but I am hopeful that she continues with some commonsense and insights into the twitterverse. I don’t believe she actually has an account, she just typed in on someone else’s account. I can’t find her on twitter- the account michelleobama and someone else (icky) has flotus.

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Using Twitter to Plan Dinner

December 14, 2008

images-1K, I watch Josh twitter day and night. Letting people know that now he is buying new shoes or boarding a plane or eating sushi. I think, “so, what, who cares besides his mom who always loves to know what her kids are up to?” Surprise, surprise. There are 1800 plus people who hang on every word he tweets and I can assure it isn’t rocket science that he’s writing about.

I mean, I truly want to know what’s in it for me to follow, be followed and post pithy clips of my brilliant daily life? So I’ve been reading and following some conversations that are interesting- mainly belonging to friends of Josh’s. He posted that I was “talking to myself” and encouraged a few friends to connect. Some did. Thanks, Josh. Haven’t yet figured out how to have a conversation but will do that.


But I have looked around and found some very interesting blogs and a great recipe for Sweet Potato Soup from the FeelGoodGuru! Check out her woowoo site. Silly me, I just blithely commented on the site that I’d be making this soup tonight- except I have yams not sweet potatoes and I’m going to use them instead.

So, here is what I did:  my adaptation of the recipe (which came out very nicely)- organic yams, 1/4 tsp salt while veggies sauteeing, and 2 tablespoons white miso blended in at the end. Tastes awesome. I added the miso and more salt because it’s the winter and I wanted to balance the cooling nature of the coconut and lime. Love the lime and ginger and coconut milk combo, very nourishing and fulfilling feeling. If someone didn’t have coconut milk I think it would be great with almond or soy milk, too. What do you think? Thanks, Moira!


My Home Computer

My Home Computer


That’s me. I’ve been updating all my links and profiles and photos and hopes and dreams on multiple social networks. To what end? I dunno yet. I have reconnected with a few friends from the past. Dat’s nice. I have spent (wasted?) hours browsing around. My hope has been that I will connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and we will ride into the sunset together, masterminding, growing our businesses and sharing our successes. That has not happened. Don’t know when it will, or if it will. I have surely lost myself in the maze of profiles. Maybe someone will stumble upon my profile and think, “Yes, I want to know more about wellness and have been looking for exactly that business venture to join and Joan is just the person to contact”. For an introvert, playing on the computer may well suit. I think that in order to grow my business I will have to get out in the world with people and create relationship face-to-face. So hey, check out my twitteretting.