Sporadically, for over a year, I have been experiencing a very itchy, burning and blistering rash on my breasts. Dermatologists and MD’s, homeopaths and ND’s couldn’t figure out the cause except maybe rubbing from my bra causing some kind of contact dermatitis, allergic reaction to soap…. The rash was ONLY under my bra. I washed and washed my bras, I changed detergents, eliminated detergents and even resorted to trying cortisone creams and claritin. The only thing that worked was not wearing a bra for a few weeks so it could clear up, which is fine in most situations, but there are times when ya just gotta have some support and then I’d get the rash. Well, I just found out why (thanks to Karla!) and I want you all to pass on this information to your sisters. 
Some Victoria’s Secret bras- maybe other brands, don’t know, somehow have formaldehyde or some toxic irritant in them. I have not had my bras tested- I threw them away before I read all about this, however, there is a bra that apparently did have formaldehyde in the fabric and if you read the links below you will find other similar stories. I’d say don’t wear them- even if you don’t have symptoms, until we get to the bottom of this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell your friends and family. There are so many women who have been suffering with rashes and burning on their breasts. I have ordered some magnetic clay for a poultice, I’ll let you know how that goes.


and the list goes on.
Let me know if you know anything more!