Everyone else is talking about it, so can I? The new Nano iPod has been announced with the new and improved Steve Jobs, Apple CEO. One is a video camera, radio and pedometer as well as music player and one is a now healthy looking genius.

“iPod nano is the world’s most popular music player with over 100 million sold and now we’ve added a video camera to its incredibly thin design, without any additional cost to the user,” according to Jobs.

Choose a RED Special Edition iPod nano and a portion of your purchase price goes to help fight AIDS in Africa. Good marketing strategy.

You can check out the video/ad at Apple.com.

via: Gizmodo.com



November 14, 2008


Josh is my source for cool things and though I tried to resist passing this on, well I just couldn’t. Watch 4 year oldĀ Capucha with the big brown eyes tell the never-ending tale of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and the hippo, crocodile giraffe, monkeys, witch and the rest. I laughed so much, she is just too cute.