Just Because She’s Famous

December 30, 2009

Just because someone is famous- does that make them an authority on health? I think we all can make up our own minds on that. I will say that the excerpt that GAIAM posted from Alicia Silverstone’s new book is engaging, sincere and invites the reader to see life simply and with possibility. We read that through eating yummy and healthy food, Silverstone changed her life and she encourages the reader to try it too. Sounds good to me. She writes about healthy lifestyle- I love what she says about yoga:

The reader reviews I have read are mixed- one writes that there are too many photos of Alicia and her husband. So what. It’s her book. I’m more interested in the recipes about which someone else complains that there are obscure ingredients like umeboshi paste and lotus root. Those are easy to find Asian foods – can’t have a book with only potatoes and carrots, can we? Being vegan means one will have to work hard at finding variety and new tastes. This book offers some interesting options. The Kind Diet is about being kind to oneself and the planet. I personally feel there is a place for animal quality food in our diet, however, if you are Vegan, there are good things for you in this book.

Jessica Porter (author of the Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics) co-wrote this book with Alicia- although I cannot find her name associated with it online.

via: Gaiam.com


20 minute Yoga Infusion

December 16, 2009

You have a small window of time, didn’t get out to yoga class as you had planned, your body needs some breathing and concentrated movement – what to do? Dial up a 20 minute private session online through the Yoga Today Blog!

This afternoon I”Perked Up MY Posture” with Neesha. She is such a sweet teacher, who shares phrases like,  “Breathe sweetly through your nose. Your breathe is the flow of life itself and the breathe itself is play of opposition. This very essence of life which flows through you in a paradox is exactly what we engage with to experience more strength, stability and steadfastness and simultaneously more openness to the world and yourself”.

In this session, Neesha leads a 20-minute sequence that will correct stooping upper back posture with heart openers. This class is especially applicable after a long day at your desk!  I’m a fan. Can’t wait to tell Teresa about these gems.

Yoga Headstand

December 15, 2009

I have had this wonderful contraption for years. There are times when it just sits against the wall and collects yoga blankets or dust and there are times when I use it everyday. I am back into it. It’s a wonderful way to save your neck and shoulders from strain and still receive the benefits of an inversion.

TotalHealthyYoga.blogspot.com has a great article on the benefits of inversions. Some benefits include: calming the mind, enhancing the endocrine system and increasing body awareness. I think it is also wonderful for our internal organs to go the other way for a bit- I am at the age when gravity may be starting to take a bit of a toll…

If you are a beginner and do not feel quite ready to do the upside down thing, a beginner pose is demonstrated through the yogajournal.com site.

This is a great video on how to safely do a headstand, from Gaiam. I also recommend the “Body Lift”. Gift yourself.


Here is a link to Rodney Yee’s Yoga tips from GaiamLife.com.  You will find motivating tips on how to do basic poses. You can watch a video on downward dog. There is always something new to add to our Yoga practice. Also today there is an interesting article about Yoga being a weight bearing form of exercise. Of course it is! You hold you body up and using different muscle groups to do that in all the poses. Read the article. 

Bone Health is the main conversation for many people. The Bone Health Trio from Nikken is a crucial addition to anyone’s daily nutrition.


For those of you who are looking for a green date, here is the site for you- EcoDater.  EcoDater is a free online dating service for people who want to live a eco-friendly lifestyle.  The subscribers are environmentalists, vegans and vegetarians, organic farmers, outdoor enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, activists and much more. the basic service is free and then there are premium services available including


A bit unclear is the invitation to join as a Charter member for free lifetime premium membership- and in the same sentence saying that when the Carter membership expires (thought is free, you guys!) you pay $4.95 a month. HMMMMM…….Still that’s cheap. 

In their own words: “EcoDater is primarily a dating site and a for-profit enterprise. But we believe that the only responsible way to make money in this world is to do it for the betterment of the community in which we all live and function. And dating is one of the wonderful ways in which we connect and find each other. The people we meet during our dating days are some of the best teachers we’ll ever have, and one of them will be our partner for life.”

I like the search options:

 Activity Partner
 Just a Date
 Physical Intimacy
 Casual Relationship
 Serious Relationship


And I really hope that my sister takes a look at this!


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Free Yoga

April 12, 2009


In the winter I loved being at home and having my yoga practice continue with new challenges and new ideas. Now it’s spring and I still don’t feel like leaving home.

There are some great online sources that are free others that are by subscription. Here are a few that I’ve enjoyed lately:










Beginner to advanced 5 minute class or 1 hour. $9.95

My Yoga Online

And of course there are many youtube videos. Choose your level and all you need is your sticky mat- turn off the phone and there you go.

I’d like to hear what classes you’ve enjoyed online. Please do comment.