Out of Many We are One is an anthem for our time written with the hope that we can all find common ground to work together.

Out of Many We are One by Joan Spear and Thomasina Levy. Visit the website for more in depth info.

The musicians on the recording all donated their remarkable talents.
Out of Many is an anthem for our time and a hope that we can all find common ground in order to work together.

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Joan Berliner Spear– composer, producer, piano, vocals

Thomasina Levy– composer, producer, dulcimer, lead vocal

Tommy Skarupa- co-producer and engineer
David Darling– cello and co-producer
Joseph Firecrow- Native American flute and chant
Dave Anderson- electric bass and production consultant
Bill Lauf- lead male vocal
Rachel Rubin- lead young female vocal
Rob Brereton- back up vocal
Jonah Spear– back up vocals
Galin Brandt- back up vocals
Kiira Schmidt- back up vocals
Lou Giordano- engineer
Doug Kupper &Tapeworks Studio- mixing


5 Responses to “VIDEO and Free Download”

  1. Denise Skelton Says:

    Bravo! Lovely harmonies, instrumentation and message, beautifully performed.
    Wanted to hear it again as soon as it was over – so much going on musically.
    Would love to perform it – I will pass it on to Femina Melodia’s director Jan.
    Let me know if you folks will perform it live anywhere soon!

  2. Rusty Dyer Says:

    This song is such a blessing to all! Thank you thank you thank you for the divine beauty in all aspects of the composition and performance!

    Unifying, truthful, hopeful…


    In gratitude, Rusty

  3. Jan Gregory Says:

    This is beautiful! I hope to have Femina Melodia, my a cappella choral group, sing this in our spring concert on May 22. Jan

  4. jessica Says:

    Lovely work. Beautiful weaving of words, feelings, music…. and pictures. A breath of fresh air after a tsunami of dark times. I hope it will be arranged and sung in many ways and in many places.

    You cook, girl.

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