December 13, 2008










After a strange week of unpredictable weather and huge power losses in the Northeast I think it’s important to consider our personal preparedness. Up in Maine, my brother’s family has been without power for over two days; trees and power lines are down and it sounds like an amazing feat that he made it into town to let us know they were okay. They are warming themselves by their drafty and inefficient  fireplace. Thank goodness they have food from the garden put by and a freezer full of food. My brother has always been one for prepared although I know he is thinking, longingly, of their home in warm Australia. I worry about people without fireplaces and food reserves. 

I have found an interesting tool offered by Better Life Goods. Sold as a bundle at 70% off and qualifying for a matching donation to the WorldCare relief organization, the triple gift pack includes the Dynamo (that means you crank it to charge it up) Emergency Tool with Radio, LED flashlight and cellphone charger, a separate pocket size dynamo cell phone charger and radio, and a separate dynamo power tool with exchangeable bits. 

Dontcha know that everyone I love will be receiving a set. So we can know that everyone is safe.

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